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Sameeha Dhulipudi - INSIDE LVMH Certificate.jpg

Inside LVMH Certificate

The Inside LVMH Certificate consists of four modules to be completed over a period of eight weeks, covering  the LVMH ecosystem and the fundamentals of the luxury industry. My certification was completed with a specilaization in Creation & Branding, and Operations & Supply Chain.

Certificate of Completion

SCADamp, offered by Savannah College of Art and Design and Credly, empowers us to amplify our story through a series of 18 workshops guided by three important elements of professional communication - Speak, Visualize and Connect. Completing this certification has guided us in nurturing our professional communication skills to better achieve workplace success.

SCADamp badge.png

Excel Essential Training

The "Excel Essential Training" LinkedIn Learning Certificate by Dennis Taylor provided me with the tools to efficiently manage and analyze data, perform calculations, and format the appearance of rows, columns, cells and sheets. The Certification guided me in strengthening my retail math skills, essential to productively perform in the areas of fashion merchandising.

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