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Brand Extension

Stella McCartney is one of the luxury fashion industry's leading female designers who turned her take on sharp tailoring and modern feminity into a global brand. The designer is a lifelong vegetarian, and her brand is a pioneer of sustainability. Sustainability shapes the company's policies, its business model, and its brand message, and is a global benchmark for sustainable, ethically-minded businesses. 

The Stella McCartney brand has consistently been expanding its product ranges throughout the years, most recently venturing into vegan and cruelty-free skincare in 2022. Parallelly, according to Statista, the Natural Cosmetics market worldwide is projected to increase from $12 billion to $18 billion by 2028. For this reason, this project proposes that Stella McCartney will launch a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics range, made with natural ingredients and ethical manufacturing processes, that reflect the brand identity and brand message of Stella McCartney.

Final Presentation.png

- Stella McCartney will launch a Lash Rejuvenation Mascara, a Multi-Use Makeup Pencil, and a PH Based Lip + Cheek Oil

- The products will be made with natural, vegan ingredients.

- Packaging will be refillable and made with recycled materials.

- The product prices will range from $40 - $100, cohesive with the current line of Stella McCartney Beauty while considering the product offerings of core competitors.

- The brand will launch and introduce the cosmetics extension through exclusive Pop-Ups in their flagship stores. Products will be available at the flagship stores, website and multi-brand retailers.

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