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Global Expansion

The Indian bridal wear market plays a significant role in the global bridal wear industry, and is currently worth an estimated $50 billion a year, with a projection of 20% increase annually. Additionally, according to the Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 32 million Indians residing abroad. These numbers display a high demand for Indian bridal and occasion wear outside of India. Surprisingly, the international market is fairly undersaturated with Indian luxury bridal wear brands. 

The current lack of international presence gives Indian bridal wear designers a chance to enter the market before it reaches a point of saturation. This initiative explores strategies for the global expansion of India-based luxury bridal wear designer, Kresha Bajaj. In an interview, the designer said the next step on her agenda for the brand is building on her international clientele. The designer's future goals for the brand, combined with the undersaturated international market of Indian bridal wear brands paves the ideal path for Kresha Bajaj to explore global expansion opportunities. 

Kresha Bajaj Collage.png


Kresha Bajaj is a Mumbai-based luxury bridal wear designer, known for the creation of the 'Love Story Lehenga'. The Love Story Lehenga was born when the designer wanted to find a unique way of portraying the love story of her and her fiancé. She recreated important moments from their love story - from how they met to the proposal - and showcased them as intricate frames, through embroidery on fabric. This unique concept won Kresha local and global recognition. Through this experience, she decided to create love story lehengas for brides across the world, which led to the birth of the brand. 

In addition to the Love Story Lehengas, Kresha Bajaj releases seasonal collections at her flagship store in Mumbai. The collections encapsulate avant-garde , edgy and bold designs paired with modern silhouettes that test the boundaries of traditional design.


A Kresha Bajaj flagship store is proposed in SoHo, New York to cater to the vast population of affluent Indian brides in the United States while also targeting a new consumer segment of American brides. The brand will also partner with KYNAH, a luxury multi-brand designer store based in Los Angeles.

New York Flagship Store Mock Ups
Marketing Assets

The objective of this global expansion is to bring the luxury bridal wear shopping experience closer to Kresha Bajaj's international Indian clientele, provide customized love story bridal wear to a new consumer segment of American brides, address the gap in the undersaturated Indian bridal wear market in the United States before it gets dominated by other brands, and increase brand awareness and brand salience for Kresha Bajaj among its target consumers.

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