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Building Brand Equity

Christian Louboutin is one of the most sought-after luxury fashion brands that began with shoemaking and quickly expanded into leather goods, beauty, and fragrance. Louboutin’s signature red sole and classic high heels are synonymous with sexiness and feminine beauty. The designer embraces his French roots and Italian craftsmanship while taking inspiration from many cultures across the world to bring his creations to life.

This project outlines a marketing strategy to increase Christian Louboutin’s brand equity over a ten-year period. Between 2023 and 2033, the brand's goals will be to strengthen the core product, repurpose its “more is more” design approach and rethink the communication strategy. The overall purpose of these marketing strategies are to increase brand recognition, foster brand associations, enhance brand loyalty, and increase brand density for the Christian Louboutin brand.


Between 2023 and 2033, Christian Louboutin’s goal will be to strengthen the core product, repurpose the “more is more” brand motto, and rethink the communication strategy.


The first goal by 2025 is to reinforce the image of the core product by driving consumers to conspicuous consumption - gaining prestige through visual public display, and status consumption - gaining gratification by purchasing status-laden products. Reinforcing the image of the core product and conveying the purpose of uniqueness will create saliency in the memory structure of the new generation of consumers, in relation to the core product, Kate.


The second goal by 2028 is to repurpose the brand’s “more is more” strategy towards the curation of limited-edition collections or collaborations will contemporary artists to trigger temporal rarity, enhance the brand’s creativity, and its aesthetic value in order to reinforce brand density. Customers want benefits that they choose based on their perception of the values of the brand.


The third goal by 2033 is to reassess the communication strategy and digital presence of the brand. By balancing the aesthetic designs of line extensions and the creative direction of the advertising campaigns, the brand will reach a younger target audience and align with the brand's mental space which is built around the core product. To achieve this, Christian Louboutin, the Maison's Brand Hero, must continue to be involved in the creative process and serve as the brand's face in order to boost emotional association. Human content is also significant in the process of providing value and increasing brand equity.

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